By the Editor

Well…. Shocked, dismayed and not proud to be a Lebanese (the definition of a Lebanese is: a percentage of persons that can be bought with dirty money) But despite all of that ‘dirt’ the GENERAL WON and came back stronger! With a block of 27 members. (21% of the parliament seat)

For 19 years Lebanese complain about their situation and now when a God-sent came to get them out of their mess and misery and turn  Lebanon into a great country the WORLD (yes unfortunately many countries) worked against him by using their Lebanese puppets.

The Lebanese elections cost was 4 TIMES the US presidential elections all from Saudi money….(the stain of  oil is still on their hands and the smell will never dissipate) To keep the Saudi Sunni’s in power and have the Palestinians settle indefinitely in Lebanon. (You who voted for like that? you approve this dirty money?)

From now on, any Lebanese who complains in front of you about the situation…. Tell him/her and remind him/her that he/she voted to keep Lebanon where it has been for the past 20 years…. And have them hush up!

For the first time ever…… Zahle loses all their candidates and no Skaff ????? Is this possible? They bought every vote and brought in 30000  (this is not a typo… yes thirty-thousand) votes from the Arab Nomads. Ask yourself where did the 8000 votes difference came from? In Zahle? Come on!. Can you answer this question? (yes, shake your head and laugh because you think you won…. Continue reading)

As for the Batroun is it possible for Joubran Basil to lose? The man who rebuilt Batroun in less than one year and doubled the number of cellular lines and made lines available any time just like the US and Europe and not only that but also dropped the monthly charges.. ask yourself when in Lebanon prices go down ever? He made it happen.

Lebanon and the Lebanese do not deserve a GREAT LEADER like GMA they deserve icky weak easy to manipulate leaders (can I name a few? No,,, you name them for me) who can buy and sell the Lebanese with a few dollars  (Ya reit Dollarat!) and this is what a Lebanese is worth today.. YES a few Lira.. and not even dollars. Ya Aayb-el-shoum!

But again… GMA came out the biggest winner, ask me why?

He projected to win 35 parliamentary seats before the elections and he ended up with 28 short of seven members (despite all the dirty games, and oil money and back stabbing and ganging and INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE) . If you reconsider the plot in Zahle and Batroun and Koura and add them up you will get more than 35.
They said that whoever wins Zahle will control the parliament and they were right! Because they had it all planned and had 30000 Arab Nomads ready and on stand-by…Registered in April 2009 ILLEGALLY after the expiration date of re-registering and transfering voting rights from one sector to another.

We have to wait and see the Mustaqbal block and how large they are. We could be the second largest parliament block.

Here is where GMA won and WON BIG!: IN THE MARONITE LION DEN

He proved again and again that he is the Christian leader and mostly the MARONITE leader… He won all 5 in the heart of the Maronite eagle nest (Kesrouan) crushing the Patriarch who went as far as telling the Christians not to vote for the opposition…. Can you imagine?

Second he defeated 14-march who cannot make it to the parliament without the Sunni and Druze votes and defeated the President Suleiman in Kesrouan and in Jbeil where GMA won all 3 in Jbeil defeating again the Patriarch and President Suleiman in their own home town. In Jezzine again he proved his Christian leadership winning all 3 Christians (2 Maronites and one Greek Catholic).

In Baabda he won all 3 Maronites, 2 Shiite, and one Druze…. Yes….Fadi Aawar.

In the Metn it is a different story, I do not understand how and where from Sami Gemayel came up with 47000 votes.. (Did the Tachnac betray us? Is it possible they voted for the Kataeb who once told the Armenians they are not Lebanese?) we know that the Tachnac were going to support only Murr? And that we expected.   So in Metn GMA won 3 Maronites, 2 Orthodox, and one Greek Orthodox.

In Aley it was an accord between Jumblat and Arslan who also won.

In Zghorta  three Maronites under the leadership of Suleiman Frangieh.

For the Christians who sold Zahle to Hariri and the 30000 Sunni that are not from Zahle (arouset el-bekaa) we say…. You have destroyed the Lebanese social infrastructure with your dirty Saudi money and the Israeli plot.

We tell them you sold only one town but you could not sell the heart and the capital of the Maronites.

It is a Greek Catholic known for destroying Lebanon's nature for his own gains (Kassarat) (without any prejudice not a Maronite) who led the plan and executed Hariri’s ploy by buying votes and the consciences of a lot of Zahlawiyeh as well.

For the Christians and in particular Chamoun and Edwan we say try to be elected in Christian towns…. And don’t hide under the skirt of Jumblat, how many Christian votes did you get? And how many from the Druze? To the Christians in Tripoli we ask, can you win by the Christian votes like GMA did in ‘the land of the Maronites’

Even if we did not take hold of the parliament we as Christians we should be thankful and proud for having a Lebanese leader like General Michel Aoun.

Now and as the Lebanese political history has shown…. It is in the hands of the Jumblat block to think about joining us like he did against the Syrians a few years ago….. If Jumblat really wants a free Lebanon from the Sunni regime and the Saudi governing, and if he is against the indefinite repatriation stay of the Palestinians in Lebanon, he has to act quickly…. The question is will he?

Here is how I am going to conclude this email……: